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Where can I purchase a ticket?

You can purchase a ticket in one of several ways:

1. Via the Syntus webshop. A one-time registration is necessary. After that, you can purchase tickets digitally. You need an OV chip card to order a subscription. You can purchase a personal OV chip card via You can purchase an anonymous OV chip card from the charging or sales stations and from a variety of shops and service points in your local area. You can find an overview of these locations at

2. Via the Syntus app. You can use your My Syntus account to log in to the Syntus app.

3. From the Syntus information point at the bus stations in Apeldoorn and Enschede.

4. You can purchase an NS ticket for Syntus trains. You can do so at the service windows in the Zutphen and Hengelo NS stations and from the famous yellow NS ticket machines found at any station, including the Syntus stations.

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