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OV Companion Card

You are eligible to receive an OV Companion Card if your handicap prevents you from travelling with public transport on your own and if you live in the Netherlands. If you have an OV Companion Card, a companion can travel along with you free of charge. You and your companion must both be over the age of 12 and complete the entire journey together.

Here is how it works

You purchase a regular train ticket for yourself. The OV Companion Card serves as your companion's ticket. Your companion provides the assistance you need before and during your train journey.


An OV Companion Card is listed under your name, not that of your companion. This gives you the option to choose who accompanies you on each trip. The OV Companion Card is valid for at least a year and can be used on trains, metros, trams and buses. The card is not valid in the (train) taxi.


To apply for an OV Companion Card, call Argonaut at +31 (0)30-2354661.

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