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OV chip card lost, stolen or broken

You should immediately contact our Customer Service department of the OV chip card in order to apply for a replacement.

Once you have received the replacement OV chip card, in case you usually order your travel products via our webshop, you should change the OV chip card number linked to your account via

If you had a Syntus product loaded onto your old OV chip card, it will automatically be transferred to the new OV chip card

What can Syntus' Customer Service department do for you in the interim?

If you have a Syntus star subscription or a Syntus route ticket

If your OV chip card was lost, broken or stolen, the subscription linked to that card (Syntus star subscription or Syntus route ticket) will no longer be valid. You can no longer identify yourself using the OV chip card's number.

If you have a subscription with a duration of two months or longer, you must apply for a copy once you have linked your new OV chip card number to your account via My Syntus. Syntus' Customer Service department can draw up a temporary notice for you that you can use in the interim.

If you have a subscription with a duration of less than one month, Syntus' Customer Service department will draw up a temporary notice for the remaining period out of goodwill.

If you have another type of free-travel product

  • Syntus Veluwe Vrij
  • N-sterabonnement
  • Twee Stedenabonnement Enschede-Hengelo

We can draw up a temporary notice that is valid for no more than one week. We will not refund any costs incurred in the interim.

If you have a credit-based product

  • Altijd Korting
  • Altijd Korting Student
  • Dalkorting Oost

We recommend that you use an anonymous OV chip card to continue your journey and then claim the additional travel expenses incurred while travelling with Syntus by filling out our contact form.

Please include the following information:

  • The OV chip card number of the card onto which the product was loaded
  • The period during which you travelled with an anonymous OV chip card, with a maximum of one week.

If you travel on credit at full or reduced rates

Syntus does not offer any additional service in this case.

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