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Fine/provisional fine

Upon inspection during your public transport journey, you were unable to show a valid ticket. You have been given a deferred payment form for this. Based on article 47 Passenger Transport Decree 2000 it is illegal to use public transport without a valid ticket. You must pay the amount listed on the fine you received from the inspector within 14 days.

Paying a provisional fine

An amount is listed on the deferred payment form. You must pay this amount within 14 days to prevent it from being raised. You can transfer the amount via bank transfer to bank account number NL20 INGB in Deventer. Do not forget to include the payment reference listed on the deferred payment form.

If you cannot transfer the amount via a bank transfer, you are possibly trying to enter the payment reference in the box reserved for an acceptance giro number.

Your bank will not recognise the number and it will therefore not process the payment. In most cases, you can enter the payment reference in the field for Remarks.

If this does not resolve your problem, we would advise you to contact your bank and ask them for assistance.

Note! Payments without a valid payment reference will not be processed.

We would advise you to pay a fine immediately, even if you disagree with the provisional fine, in order to prevent the amount from being raised. The payment procedure will not be halted.


If you do not agree with your provisional fine, you can submit an objection.


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