Physical disability

We want to offer our guests – including those with a physical disability – sensible public transport solutions. Most buses offer facilities for wheelchair users, such as reserved space for a wheelchair, an (automated) wheelchair ramp to enter and exit the bus, special mirrors to communicate with the driver and a special stop button. If you want to know whether the bus on a certain route is accessible to wheelchairs, you can contact our Customer Service department.

Accessibility goes beyond simply creating space for wheelchairs, however. Syntus offers easily readable information displays and a specially selected announcement voice that is clear to understand for people with visual and/or auditory impairments. Our drivers are your hosts and hostesses – they are always willing to assist you.

Station facilities

Many stations, platforms and trains also offer special facilities. The floors of all our trains are level with the platforms. This makes the trains easily accessible to people in a wheelchair or with other mobility issues. A number of stations also have moveable ramps available to allow heavier wheelchairs to enter the train.

Drempelvrij hallmark

Our website has a "drempelvrij" hallmark, which means it is suitable for guests travelling with a disability.