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Travelling with the Syntus app

When you buy a ticket or subscription with the app, your phone will serve as your bus ticket.

In the app, click on "Purchase ticket," find the ticket or subscription you want and add it to your cart. After paying via iDEAL or credit card, the subscription will immediately be added to the "Active tickets" page of the app and you can start travelling with it.

You will no longer need a pass or OV chip card. Simply show the driver or conductor your subscription in the app.

In order to travel with a ticket/subscription, each passenger must have their own account within the Syntus app.

The Syntus app is valid when the "day code" within the app is clearly visible. The user of the Syntus app should therefore make sure that their smartphone functions correctly. That means that the device's time and date settings must be correct. A faulty time or date may cause the app to display the wrong day code, which would make the ticket invalid.

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