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Save with Syntus Points

If you have installed the Syntus app on your phone and you travel with Syntus on the train route Zutphen-Hengelo-Oldenzaal outside the rush hour, you will save up free points. You can exchange these points via the Syntus app for products, services and interesting discounts from various (regional) businesses and organisations.


The route planner is part of the Syntus app. It gives you insight into your personal travel route and advises you on the best time to make your trip (depending on how busy the train is expected to be). When planning your trip, you will immediately see how many points the trip will earn you. These Syntus Points are added to your account almost instantly once Syntus detects you have completed a journey. You can see an overview of the points you have saved via the Syntus Points button in the app.

Rush hour

At the moment, you will earn 100 points per train journey for all journeys made from Monday to Friday before 06:30 AM and after 09:00 AM. The entire journey must take place outside the rush hour.


Syntus Points is active on the Zutphen-Hengelo-Oldenzaal train route.


The Zutphen-Hengelo-Oldenzaal train route now features a network of so-called "iBeacons." These are small wireless transmitters that work together with the Syntus app and a low-energy Bluetooth signal to automatically register your journey.

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