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Goodwill for certain national subscriptions

Public transport operators use a goodwill system when it comes to certain prepaid subscriptions. If you have such a subscription and you are fined, you can submit a request to have the fine waived up to three times per year. You can only submit such a request in writing via the objection form for fines

This goodwill system for people who forgot to check in applies to the following national and Syntus subscriptions:

- OV-jaarabonnement (annual subscription)
- OV Vrij (combination of two subscriptions: Altijd Vrij and Bus Tram and Metro Vrij)
- Altijd Vrij
- Weekend Vrij and Dal Vrij during weekends (which do not have rush hours)
- Student travel product (during the entire free-travel period - either during the week or during the weekend, depending on the selected subscription)
- Net subscription
- Kids Vrij
- Syntus Veluwe Vrij

Along with your objection (your name, address and a description of the incident), you must submit the following evidence:

  • A copy of your OV chip card
  • A copy of your ticket
  • A copy of your identification
  • A copy of your deferred payment form
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