Wheelchairs on the bus/train


Syntus buses are equipped with a single space reserved for wheelchair users, to allow physically disabled passengers to use our services as well. It goes without saying that this should happen in as safe a manner as possible. The wheelchair must be properly secured in the designated space on the bus. If there are seatbelts present, they must be used. Keep in mind that you (or your companion) must be able to operate the wheelchair ramp yourself (if it is not an electric ramp).

Electric wheelchairs

The guideline for the safe transport of electric wheelchairs is that an electric wheelchair, including its passenger, cannot weigh more than 250 kilograms. Furthermore, the maximum dimensions of the wheelchair are 120 x 70 x 109 centimetres (l x w x h). The electric wheelchair must be properly secured using a seatbelt to ensure safe transport. Only one wheelchair is allowed on a bus. Syntus strives to adhere to these guidelines, although it proves difficult to enforce these rules in practice. Syntus is looking for a way to allow the bus driver to verify compliance with these guidelines. Until that time, Syntus will allow all types of electric wheelchairs on its buses.

Wheelchair users can access Syntus trains on their own.