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Fine for fare evasion on public transport increased

Per 1 April 2016, the fine for fare evasion on public transport will be increased to € 50.

This increased amount comes from a decree of the state secretary of Infrastructure and Environment. The amount of the fine was last increased on 1 January 2005, which means it has remained unchanged for 11 years. Starting on 1 April, the amount of the fine will be increased from € 35 to € 50. This increase is equal to the average increase of public transport ticket costs in recent years. The administrative costs are also increased from € 10 to € 15.

This fine is the same for all forms of public transport: buses, trams, metros and trains.

Public transport operators may fine passengers who use public transport or public transport facilities without possessing a valid ticket. In that event, the passenger must pay the fine as well as the cost of their fare.

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