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Applying for a Station Entrance Pass

NS is installing access gates in 82 stations, which will be activated in phases. These stations are only accessible to people with an OV chip card or an entrance pass.

Different ways to open the gates

Access with your OV chip card

You open the gates by checking in and out. If you check out at the same station within sixty minutes of checking in, you will be refunded your starting fee. You do need sufficient credit on your OV chip card.

Access with an entrance pass

If you do not have a valid ticket, yet you do wish to access a station, you can apply for an entrance pass from NS. This entrance pass allows you to walk from one end of the station to the other. You open the gates by placing the pass on the card reader on the right side of a gate. The entrance pass only serves as an access key; you cannot travel with it or add credit to the pass.

Stations in Syntus' area of operations that are accessible with entrance passes

You can apply for an entrance pass for the following stations in our area of operations:

  • Deventer
  • Zwolle

Apply for an entrance pass
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