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Personal OV chip card

If you make regular use of public transport, the personal OV chip card is probably right for you.

With a personal OV chip card, you can:

  • Use personal travel products, e.g. monthly subscriptions, route tickets or bus subscriptions;
  • Automatically receive an age discount if you travel on credit. You will start getting a discount from the day you turn 65; you do not have to do anything yourself;
  • Use automatic charging, to ensure you always have sufficient credit on your card;
  • Consult your travel data online via My OV chip card and print an overview of travel expenses for your employer;
  • Deactivate your card in the event of loss or theft to prevent misuse.

A personal OV chip card is valid for a period of five years.


A personal OV chip card is linked to a specific card holder. When you use a personal OV chip card as a ticket, your identity has to match the one listed on the personal OV chip card. If the card requires a photograph, it must bear a clear resemblance to you. You cannot use someone else's personal OV chip card.


You can purchase a personal OV chip card via The anonymous and personal OV chip cards both cost € 7.50.

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