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Anonymous OV chip card

If you only make occasional use of public transport of if you do not wish to release your personal information, you can use an anonymous OV chip card.

  • You can share the card with the rest of your family (but not at the same time). You can, for example, use the card yourself to travel by train to Amsterdam, while your son uses the same card the next day to take the bus to soccer practice.
  • The card is available at stations, from tobacconists and from service windows;
  • You can use the card as soon as you put some credit on it;
  • The card is ideal for your employees. If you travel for business from time to time, you can use your company's anonymous OV chip card. This saves you from having to pay for the trip yourself and claim the expenses later.
  • An anonymous OV chip card costs € 7.50.

You cannot load any personal travel products, such as a subscription for your commute, onto an anonymous OV chip card. You also cannot receive an age discount. Both these options are reserved for personal OV chip cards.


You can purchase an anonymous OV chip card from:

  • Sales points at stations
  • Various tobacconist chains (e.g. Primera)
  • Various supermarket chains
  • Some Bruna stores
  • At the service desk of a public transport operator (the operator may charge a fee for this service)

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