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Objecting to a fine

If you do not agree with your fine, you can submit your objection against a provisional fine. You may only do so in writing and within 14 days via the objection form.

Along with your objection (your name, address and a description of the incident), you must submit the following evidence:

  • A copy of your OV chip card
  • A copy of your ticket
  • A copy of your identification
  • A copy of your deferred payment form

We would advise you to pay a fine immediately, even if you decide to object to it, in order to prevent the amount from being raised. The procedure will not be halted while your objection is being processed.

Objections are only taken into consideration if Syntus receives your payment within the set payment term of 14 days.

Syntus will evaluate your objection and come to a decision. You can expect to hear back within six weeks. The ruling will be sent to you via email.

Syntus may come to one of three conclusions:

  • Your objection will be accepted
  • Your objection will be partially accepted
  • Your objection will not be accepted

You cannot object a second time to Syntus' ruling pertaining to your original objection. Any further correspondence will not be processed.

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